History - Ennis European Culture Week 2020

27th of July- 1st of August 2020
Ennis European Culture Week
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Origins and history
The first European Culture Week (ECW) took place in Kaufering and Landsberg in Germany in July 1986. The event was the brainchild of Gunter Volk, the local leader of an organisation, Deutsche Jugend des Ostens. One of the main aims of the organisation was to bridge gaps between all nations in Europe, and specically to bridge the gulf between Eastern and Western Europe at the time when the continent as a whole was still dominated by the 'iron curtain' .
Volk's vision was of an event that would promote mutual understanding and harmony across borders by bringing together groups from different European countries and regions that would represent and present their own culture in music, song and dance.

Previous European Cultural Weeks
1986   Kaufering  Germany
1988  Biesheim  France
1990  Sestu Sardinia, Italy
1992  Villanders  South Tyrol, Italy
1994  Alicante  Spain
1996  Pécs  Hungary
1998  Biesheim  France
2000  Riga  Latvia
2002  Ennis  Ireland
2004  Timisoara  Romania
2006  Villanders  South Tyrol, Italy
2008  Klaipeda  Lithuania
2010  Pécs  Hungary
2012  Alicante  Spain
2014  Sestu Sardinia, Italy
2016  Timisoara  Romania
2018  Villanders  South Tyrol, Italy

2020 Ennis  Ireland  
email: enniseuropeancultureweek2020@gmail.com
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